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Hey there, Omaha community! Ever felt like you needed a little push or inspiration to jumpstart your fitness journey? Well, you're in the right place! At Viva Fit Kitchen, our mission goes beyond delivering delicious healthy meals; we're passionately working towards building a healthier community. One way we're doing this is by partnering up with the finest local fitness coaches who are not just shaping their bodies, but also transforming our community. Wondering who they are? Continue reading! Prepare to be inspired, and motivated as you exit this page with newfound wisdom and actionable tips that will be valuable in your own fitness journey.

Alejandra Valdez

fitness advocate and founder of viva fit kitchen

A casual day at the zoo in 2016 became Alejandra’s frightening wake-up call. Just a few hours of walking left her feet swollen and unable to move, adding to her pre-diabetic concerns. This was the last straw for her, and she knew what she had to do. It was one of the hardest things she ever had to do, but she did it! She went all in and completely changed her lifestyle by immersing herself in the world of fitness. Eighteen months later, she shed 70 pounds, ran marathons, and found a true passion for nutrition. Alejandra's personal transformation was the spark that led to the creation of Viva Fit Kitchen. Throughout her fitness journey, she realized the importance of meal prepping in maintaining her lifestyle. However, finding consistent time for it was challenging. As she connected with others on similar paths, she found that this time crunch was a common obstacle many faced. Recognizing this, Viva Fit Kitchen emerged as the solution to bridge this gap for those striving for a healthier lifestyle. She intentionally created Viva Fit Kitchen to stand apart from other meal prep services in the area. She combined her family's traditional Mexican recipes and her knowledge of nutrition to create balanced nutritious Latin-flavored meals. Today, she's the force behind Viva Fit Kitchen, ensuring that wellness and culture can deliciously co-exist and be easily accessible to anyone in Omaha, NE, and surrounding areas (with plans to expand nationwide).

Jasmine Torres

Jasmine Torres started her transformative journey transitioning from being 70lbs overweight as a teen, to radiating confidence and strength. It wasn't just the weight loss; it was the profound rebirth of self-belief and a renewed sense of identity that propelled her forward. Touched deeply by the transformative power of fitness in her life, especially after experiencing the unique challenges of motherhood, Jasmine felt a calling to guide other women on similar paths. That is why she created the metabolism mastery secrets for women Facebook group. With over a decade of experience tucked under her belt, Jasmine focuses on natural weight loss and body recomposition. She doesn't believe in short-term fixes; she helps her clients to make sustainable choices that they will actually stick to. Her key advice? "It’s about the journey, not the destination. Fall in love with the journey and the results will come. It’s inevitable."

Mark Will

Positive Reinforcement Trainer at WILLPWR FITNESS

From navigating the insurance industry to thriving as a fitness trainer with his own brand WillPwr Fitness, Mark has always been driven to help others reach their full potential. His coaching method is a unique blend of encouragement with practicality. Mark stands firm in uplifting his clients with affirming words and genuine support. He believes in a well-rounded approach to fitness, integrating Functional Fitness with calisthenics and yoga, backed by a well-balanced diet. He often emphasizes that you can't outwork a poor diet. Recognizing the challenges of daily life, he actively encourages his clients to have Viva Fit Kitchen's healthy prepped meals in stock for those busy or uninspired days. It ensures they're still nourished optimally and energized to keep up with their workouts. To Mark, the journey is all about self-improvement, and it's a battle of "Self vs. Self." His tip? Start with baby steps, building habits, and backing it up with top-tier nutrition. Life and fitness are marathons, not sprints. Quick results often fade away. What's crucial is - to remain consistent with a routine that one can sustain in the long run.

Liza Mahon

providing support with the Consistency club

Liza's personal struggles with health misconceptions led her to an epiphany; the real power lies in knowledge and sustainable practices. Frustrated with fad diets and quick-fix solutions that promised much but delivered little, Liza is on a mission: to assure individuals that they are not broken and to instill in them a belief that they deserve to feel fantastic in their own skin. Witnessing both men and women bloom with confidence and energy is what fills her with immense joy and purpose. This passion led her to design the 90-day Metabolic Reset, a unique combination of her FP Eating System and Minimalist Muscle Method. Her program isn't about deprivation; it's about empowering individuals to lose weight, tone up, and amplify their self-assurance, all while indulging in the foods they adore. Liza's approach is realistic, aiming for longevity in one's health journey. Her program is a testament to her belief: food is an ally, not an adversary. She encourages clients to keep it simple, laying emphasis on incremental changes that accumulate into substantial transformations. Her advice? Engage in strength training 3-5 times a week, amp up your daily steps and hydration, ensure quality sleep and recovery, and meet that protein target. After all, it's all about consistent, sustainable habits!

Kevin Goldman

Simplifying Fitness for Busy Parents

Kevin Goldman transformed his life by leveraging his limited time to prioritize fitness and health, despite the demands of family and work. Overcoming a four-year personal struggle, Kevin simplified his meal prep and workouts to harmoniously fit into his hectic life. Now, as a fitness trainer at Ariete Fitness for three years, he passionately specializes in aiding busy parents, particularly between ages 25 to 45, to shed 20-30lbs without sacrificing their favorite meals or spending extensive hours in the gym. Utilizing a blend of weight training, bodyweight exercises, and HIIT, Kevin's philosophy revolves around the essence of simplicity; emphasizing that an effective approach to fitness should be effortless. His dedication extends beyond mere physical training—Kevin offers 24/7 support, mindset coaching, and daily engagements. His favorite reminder is: "Contentment is just another word for stagnation," pushing them to persistently evolve and grow in their fitness journey.

Devin Schleicher

family trainer at Fit Culture Gym

With a solid background in Health and Exercise Science, Devin has devoted three years to shaping unique fitness paths that center around the theme of family unity. Serving an age spectrum from 10-year-olds to 83-year-old seniors, Devin's skill set knows no age limits. He always reminds his clients, about the importance of nutrition, no matter what your fitness goals are. But for Devin, the commitment doesn't stop at physical health; he equally values the importance of mental well-being in the overall fitness equation. Operating six days a week at Fit Culture, Devin's adaptability and depth of knowledge encourage families to truly value the fitness process, emphasizing that the journey often enriches more than the final goal. His training philosophy centers around providing clients with every tool and resource they need to succeed. While his aim isn't to retain clients indefinitely, he's always available to address any questions they might have. His cornerstone advice? "The man who loves walking will journey farther than the one fixated on the destination. Fall in love with the process, and the rest unfolds naturally."

Briana Siegert

Childhood Passion to a Decade of Empowering Women

Since her early years, Briana 's love for fitness was unmistakable. Today, it has blossomed into a ten-year-long dedication as a certified CrossFit trainer at Kinesis Fitness, with a spotlight on women's health and weight loss. However, for Briana, fitness isn't just about set routines and repetitions. It's the exhilaration of witnessing her clients overcome hurdles, break free from self-doubt, and celebrate personal victories—whether it's mastering a full squat or executing that first pull-up—that truly ignites her passion. Briana's unique methodology extends beyond the gym; it encompasses a state-of-the-art online nutrition app and bespoke fitness programs. She's a staunch advocate for holistic fitness, placing the spotlight on cultivating lasting habits rather than relying on transient motivation. Guided by her powerful mantras, “Short-term pain for long-term gain” and "Just do it now," Briana stands as a testament to her profound dedication, illuminating the transformative power of relentless commitment and belief in one's potential.

Each of these stories serves as a powerful reminder that transformation is within reach for anyone willing to take the first step. With the right support, your fitness journey can be as inspiring as any. Why wait for a sign when the stories of Alejandra, Jasmine, Mark, Devin, Liza, Kevin, and Briana are here to inspire your health journey? Ignite your fitness journey with Viva Fit Kitchen's meal prep service by your side and perhaps, a personal trainer to guide you. Remember, every success story starts with a decision to try. Let's create yours!

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